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Problematic Drinking and Advertising

Happy September, friends! My favorite month. I love how you can start to feel the cool air, pumpkin flavored everything starts popping up, flannels, tall boots, leaves changing colors on the trees, AND it's National Recovery Month. I absolutely love to celebrate recovery because it obviously gave me my life back. It's a whole month dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding mental and substance use disorders. It's also to celebrate those who have made the courageous decision to choose recovery and who live their lives day by day in a society that glamorizes alcohol, a society that has a major opioid crisis, and one that loves to over prescribe patients.  Something I wanted to touch on in this blog was the advertising that I see geared towards women, specifically moms. Ever hear of "Mommy's Time Out" or "Mom Juice"? Anything along those lines? Of course you have. It's everywhere. It's a problem. And it's a targeting a fragile grou

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